About Us

The Art & Shirts Company

The Art and Shirts Co. is solely based around art and design. Our art combined with quality shirts is the idea that started the company. We believe that life is expressed through various forms of art such as music, dance, paintings and many more. We have combined these art forms with the ever so classic t-shirt to express art and life. With-in our store front you will find designs that will express how you feel or designs you’ll find that fit a family member or friend. Our community further extends the endlessness of art and expression by allowing our artistic members to share their art and make income. As we grow and expand into the world, art will always be our focal point of interest.

A&S Co. Products

Solely based off art, our product selection has and will surely expand into designs we can’t imagine right now. A bigger selection of art designs coupled with shirt types such as t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and tank tops, will always keep us relevant in any fashion period. Our quality shirts in rhythm with the art smothered accessories will surely add spice to any outfit. On top of all the great art, we have combo packages to cover everything from the waste up. Also take advantage of the discount card to save on purchases and surprise family and friends with a gift certificate!

A&S Co. Vision

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

Art is life and life is art. This statement says a lot about our vision while we seek to inspire every person that visits our store. Overall, the vision of The Art & Shirts Co. is to focus and expand on the unique person within us all. With this look into infinity we can create and do impossible things. We provide the platform to express our unique artistic selves and express who we are as a person and people on a creative level. Through our shirts, art and accessories we envision being the #1 artistic shirt company in the world.


“You don’t get million dollar ideas from a ten dollar vision.”

We see our company as the only platform of its kind. A shirt company combined with a (n) artist platform that allows members to share art and make income from their artistic gift. In addition to our quality products and artistic platform, we will further expand our vision through custom bulk orders, merchandising and franchising. Though we seek to profit as much as we can, we want our members to have a (n) exciting career as well. To assist our artistic members, we will provide valuable information to help guide them on their artistic career path.


Create. Do the Impossible.

This is our legacy to the world. Art is life and life is art. As a company we are the same as our members, people. May we all be blessed and protected on our path to greatness. The Art & Shirts Co. wants everyone to succeed and become aware of the creator within all. Everyone is blessed with a talent and now is the time to focus inward to pull out these gifts. The Art and Shirts Company.

A&S Co. Mission

The Art & Shirts Co. mission is to be a (n) hub for art and to be recognized as the most progressive shirt and accessory company in the fashion business. We will provide quality low cost items and deals that will satisfy our customers. With the franchise opportunity and merchandising we will target geographical areas and market segments that we and affiliates will benefit from. Honest business, communication and research is our structure, art is our base and love completes us as a successful company


A&S Co. Values


The Art & Shirts Co. values integrity, so we…

  • Do everything right and on the straight path.
  • Keep and build high confidence in the company and people.
  • Follow through, do what we say we will do. Keep and build trust.
  • Plan accordingly and stick to our goals.
  • Express ourselves as leaders but always listen.
  • Be consistent in building our business and leadership qualities.
  • Use objective standards.


The Art & Shirts Co. values responsiveness, so we…

  • Respond to comments, questions and requests in a timely manner.
  • Use data and feedback to improve on services, products, and site functionality.
  • Have respect and take serious, customers and members feelings and concerns.


The Art & Shirts Co. values collaboration, so we…

  • Share information and express new ideas.
  • Work in partnership with affiliates toward shared goals.
  • Participate fully in community service efforts.
  • Work with customers and members for a shared satisfaction.
  • Bridge gaps and align mutual interests to settle disputes for a peaceful outcome.


The Art & Shirts Co. values intellectual rigor, so we…

  • Observe and Analyze
  • Seek knowledge and use wisdom in decision making.
  • Think critically and responsibly.
  • Do not fear the unknown.
  • Identify the unknown.
  • Challenge the unknown.
  • Challenge assumptions and embody truth.
  • Detach from the unresponsive.


The Art & Shirts Co. values diversity of thought and prospective, so we…

  • Have an open mentality to diverse view points.
  • Challenge the status quo and express real solutions for equal stability.
  • Respectfully consider different perspectives.
  • Solicit the expansion of self awareness.
  • Include and respect individuals with different backgrounds, ideas, viewpoints.


The Art & Shirts Co. values exceptional quality, so we…

  • Strive for perfection.
  • Strive for excellence.
  • Create deep rooted products and services.
  • Deliver good business and services that reflect The Art and Shirts Company brand.
  • Endeavor to exceed members and customers expectations.


The Art & Shirts Co. values development, so we…

  • Develop an attitude of oneness and teamwork to embody quality in our day to day   operations.


The Art & Shirts Co. values good decision making, so we…

  • Calculate possible outcomes of success.
  • Make decisions based on members and customer needs.
  • Conduct group discussions to set goals and plans for future expansion.


The Art & Shirts Co. values the driven and ambitious, so we…

  • Push and drive even harder in complicated times.
  • Motivate our partners, affiliates and members to never give up.
  • Remind ourselves that winners never say “We can’t” or “that’s impossible”.
  • Study hard, work smart, play fare and rest easy.

These are the values of The Art & Shirts Company. We seek to be and we are a good service for the world. Only we can stop us and only we can save us. These values express the true personality of The Art & Shirts Company.